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Restorative Urology

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Did you know there are effective treatment options for erectile dysfunction and bladder leakage?

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Restorative Urology is the urology practice of Dr. Kadee Thompson, serving the Sacramento Valley and surrounding areas. Dr. Thompson is a board-certified Urologist specializing in sexual and urinary wholeness.

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Sexual intimacy is the measure of connectedness and closeness between partners. Discover hope and rediscover intimacy.

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Urinary incontinence impacts confidence, relational intimacy, and overall health. Discover your new life with the latest treatments for urinary conditions.

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Erectile Dysfunction: A Partners Point of View

More than half of men over 40 have erectile dysfunction (ED).
ED can be equally devastating for a man and for his partner. There is hope for every man with ED to regain the confidence, control and wholeness to enjoy an active, satisfying sex life.

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ED | Cure: A Patient Overview

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is often called “the couples’ disease” since it is one of the few disease states that can affect both a man as well as his partner. ED can limit intimacy, affect self-esteem and impact key relationships. Understand how erectile dysfunction affects
couples – and how both of you can find a solution to regain intimacy and confidence.

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